Services Multimedia Production

The Kinetic:  Web Design, Audio & Video Production and Digital Communications

The Kinetic is available to you the next time you need help taking full advantage of the latest digital media production tools! Make your next project look and sound terrific!  Whether you are creating a home movie, working on a project for a non-profit group or club or are a businessperson looking to increase sales, digital media production can help you achieve and exceed your goals.  Work at The Kinetic, rent one of of state-of-the-art multimedia suites and take advantage of our personalized digital media tutoring services.  Or, if your multimedia production skills are not quite ready for prime-time you can hire The Kinetic directly to conduct the full production for you.

Digital Media Production Services:

  • Professional Audio and Video Production
    • TV and Radio Commercials
    • Online Podcasts & Viral Video
    • Marketing Videos & Infomercials
    • Documentary Films
    • Newscasts
    • DVD Design & Replication

  • Web & Interactive Design
    • User-friendly CMS (Joomla and Wordpress)
    • Easy and affordable hosting
    • Social Media Promotion
    • E-Books
  • Graphics and Page Layout
    • Brochures and Flyers
    • Vinyl & Decals
    • Logos and Branding
    • Catalogs and Books

  • Live Webcasting & Digital Communications
    • Business Meetings
    • Webinars and Training
    • Education and Sales
    • Entertainment and Marketing