"Chase Barron & Friends"
DuBois High School Senior Chase Barron will be showcased in the first-ever local music concert on DuBoisTV (Comcast Cable Channel 19) throughout the week of January 20th.

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“Chase Barron and Friends:  Live at The Kinetic” will be the first-ever locally produced music concert to be aired on the new DuBoisTV channel.  The concert was recorded live at The Kinetic on South Brady Street in DuBois in November and has been in production since and will premiere during a prime time spot on Monday January 20th at 8pm.  The public can visit www.duboistv.net and tune in to Comcast Cable Channel 19 for details on six more subsequent airings after the prime-time premiere.  

Read on to see the full story and the DuBoisTV promo spot airing this week!


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About Barron:
Born and raised in DuBois, Pennsylvania, Chase Barron (age 17) has grown to become one of the area’s most unique and talented singer/songwriters to date.  Barron was voted “Most Artistic” in his graduating class of 2014 and he keeps himself busy between working two jobs, teaching guitar lessons, producing photos and videos, dabbling in extreme sports, and most importantly writing/performing his own original music.  

As a popular local, he tends to write music that resonates with all members of his broad audience and he has been steadily gaining a local following.  Chase’s music is known to inspire not only his neighbors and school friends, but also his worldwide YouTube fan-base (@ www.YouTube.com/ChaseMatthewBarron).  

This DuBois High School student lives for the experience and social aspect of his art.  “I try to make each and every gig an opportunity to spark pure human emotion,” says the musician.  He explains that he does not play music in order to receive paychecks or to be placed on a pedestal above his peers, but that he simply plays music for the experience of playing music and creating emotion.

Songwriting has always been his number one medium of expression.  “It’s like being an architect of feeling.” Chase claims, “You can create good or bad vibes – optimism or reminiscence – and everyone will follow your lead.”

Chase discovered his love of music at a very young age.  It always seemed that he could prove himself quite a bit ‘different’ from his peers at Oklahoma Elementary when it came to expressing his natural talents.  Although his parents signed him up for piano lessons only after several failed attempts to keep his mind focused on a single T-Ball game or wrestling match, they did not regret the outcome of their musical “Plan B”.  As soon as he could wonder his way through an out-of-tune rendition of the All-American classic Ode to Joy, he was hooked on performing music and has not looked back since.  

The young artist soon realized that he could change things through the power of music.  Success on the piano lead Chase to dabble with music throughout his early elementary school life; watching live concerts on TV and playing games like Guitar Hero.  More accurately, he didn’t necessarily just ‘play’ Guitar Hero, he excelled, and was actually at one point ranked as the 4th “Best Guitar Hero Player On The Planet: – taking home trophies and impressing elders with his youthful knowledge of Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits at local contests.  It wasn’t uncommon that a stranger on the street would recognize him as “Chase Barron – Guitar Hero”.  On his 10th birthday Barron's virtual musical dreams became reality when he was gifted a real guitar. 

When he decided it was time to turn off the videogames, mastering the real guitar became Chase’s ultimate obsession.  The guitar became the voice he never knew he had.  
“It was like discovering a new 6th sense,” says Barron.  “The instrument immediately became part of my body.  It was the reason I didn’t always turn in homework on time, actually!”    It was also the reason he didn’t always have time to just ‘hang-out’ with friends.  His guitar became the reason he existed – and it still is.  

Mastery of the guitar caused Chase to be a frequent in-and-out band member in several local DuBois Area garage rock ensembles – including his current band The Balcony Scene (whose music is currently available for purchase online and can be heard on music streaming services like Spotify).  Yet, he still doesn’t understand why he loves the instrument so much.  In an interview with a friend, Chase mentioned “There was always a certain quality about these musical sound waves that I never understood.  For some odd reason, I can start plucking at a guitar and singing some notes and the whole vibe of a room can change.  People start smiling… tapping their feet… just being happier overall.  It’s like magic.  There’s seriously no explaining the effect of music and that’s what I love about it.  In school they taught me that everything has a distinct purpose.  Well, music doesn’t.  Isn’t it wonderful?”

Recently, Chase met Sam Ettaro, local digital media teacher and media producer, on a spontaneous stop by his recently-opened studio and media center, The Kinetic located across the street from the DuBois Library. Chase mentioned to Ettaro that he is a senior at the DuBois High School and that he plays lots of music.  Somewhat interested, Ettaro asked him to perform a song or two on the spot for him.  After the impromptu performance Ettaro was a bit more interested and Chase’s first solo concert at The Kinetic was booked within minutes.  The show took place on November 23rd, 2013 and, with the help of Kira Sorbera and Guy Mauro as an opening act it was quite a success.  Throughout the show spontaneous musical happenings took place including random crowd participation, a few forgotten lyrics, and loads of laughs.  Overall, Ettaro and Chase agreed that it was a smashing success and the two worked hard to produce the entire event for local DuBoisTV. 

Ettaro believes Barron has “what it takes” to really make a go of a career as a working musician and media artist.  “I have been blessed with a twenty five year career in the arts that includes being a musician, fronting a rock band, promoting music, and producing media content and TV shows and I have to say that in all my years I have never been so impressed with a young fellow as I have been with Chase,” says Ettaro.  “Not only is this young man wildly talented, but he has a spirit and energy about him that is genuine and focused on a mission to spread good vibes...and he does just that.  It's an honor to be working with him.” 

Ettaro has offered The Kinetic's performance space to Barron every Tuesday so he can teach other young people his craft in a professional setting.  For more information on his lessons and upcoming performances, the public can watch The Kinetic's website at www.thekinetic.org.