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Partnering with DuBoisTV and groups such as the DuBois Chamber of Commerce our original TV shows focus on community, business, the arts and personal development. You can support these efforts by underwriting our shows and take advantage of a new and powerful advertising channel...

Now local businesses can advertise on local DuBoisTV.net Cable Channel 19, and support the growth of their entire community thanks to the incredible advances made to bring bring these new technologies and media outlets to our area.  Underwriting packages range from $100 on up and are generally customized to fit the scope and level of production and our advertiser's needs.   Are you interested in learning more?  If so, continue on down this page, watch some of the sample videos, check out the general list of benefits and then contact us for more details and we will work with you to help you drive valuable local content and take advantage of this most unique new media outlet!   Click the picture to the left to download a full-sized coy of our "List of Underwriting Benefits"  document for some more details!

PHONE: 814-553-8794
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Click here to visit our full Youtube Channel displaying original local TV productions as well as archives our live webcasts.

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Watch this short fun animation that describes some of the benefits of sponsoring local shows!

A History of Innovation:
Since The Kinetic opened in October we've managed to produce a total of 5 feature TV presentations, gather support from several local businesses and have thoroughly given the DuBoisTV effort a very good kickstart.  Our partnerships with groups such as the Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development hold great promise for you, your business and our community and we hope you choose to support us in our efforts.  Below is a list of the shows that we produced that have made it to TV.  
COMPLETED SHOW SAMPLES: To help you visualize the possibilities that exist by working with us we've placed links to our first four local TV productions below.  Just click the play button on the videos below to see excellent examples of our local productions and the TV inserts that were given to our underwriters.  


The Kinetic has actually produced many more live events studio downtown in that time, all of which were recorded, but these productions have still yet to be produced fully and released on local TV.  Perhaps with your support we can make that happen!

Currently we have interest in producing some more live events in the spring should we be able to secure support.  

Thank you so much for your consideration, friends.   I fully understand how new this whole endeavor is is to many people in our area and I am dedicated to making these endeavors simple, easy, and effective for everyone involved so as to help the community reap the biggest benefits possible and put as many youth to work as possible.

I do hope that you can see fit to be a part of that mission and that you will come on board as an underwriter.


Sam A. Ettaro
Owner, The Kinetic

Click here to visit pages dedicated to some of our original productions.

The Kinetic is located at 32 South Brady Street directly across the street from the DuBois Public Library.

PHONE: 814-553-8794
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it